Fathers Parental Rights By Sharon Corsentino

For fathers who are not married to their child’s mother when their child is born, they often do not realize that until a court establishes their parental rights the mother has a superior right to their child. Many fathers think that simply having their name on the child’s birth certificate gives them rights to make important decisions regarding their child’s health, education, and general welfare However, that’s not really true. Having your name on the child’s birth certificate also does not provide you with specific rights to see your child. While it is important to have the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate, it is even more important to take legal steps to formally establish the parent-child relationship through the court system.
Establishing the parent-child relationship generally includes having a court declare that you are legally the father of the child the subject of the suit, determining the rights and duties of each parent in regards to the child, setting out a specific custody schedule for each parent to have possession of and access to the child, and medical and financial support for the child.
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